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Collapsible Lego Technic lube station

Collapsible Lego Technic lube station by totetomi.

for those with Lego but station-less

Although, as DocBullseye points out in his comment, if you have a thick LEGO plate, a 2x2 area is the right size for a switch, and springs fit in the holes – as you can see in DitlevB's post featured in KBD #18.

Published on Sat 12th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #30 (source).

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Unicode in QMK

Dealing with Unicode in QMK revealed by mikefettis.

Custom wrist supporting pads

Custom wrist supporting pads by michalkelemen made of kitchen cutting boards. With gallery and write-up.


Waterproofing a nice!nano

ELr3ddit applied a silicone coating to an exposed nice!nano to make it waterproof.