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The open-source monoblock Crowboard by KeyboardDweebs has been around for half a year now. Better late than never.
Published November 24, 2022

The Crowboard was the first model designed by Alex Miller aka DoesntFazer under the Keyboard Dweebs name.

Half a year ago...

Since I wasn't aware that this board was open source, I failed to feature it at that time. Anyway, here it is for the records.


  • 34/36 keys
  • Pi Pico controller
  • low-profile and MX versions

(For more info on Alex, and for another (split) keyboard from Keyboard Dweebs, check out the Budgy.)


Published on Thu 24th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #104.

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The Chocofly is a 60-key low-pro monoblock split by vitvlkv.

Bad Wings: Slim

An ultrathin, wireless monoblock split keyboard with Kailh X switches – Bad Wings: Slim by Jason Hazel.

Keyboard with Willow layout

Brand new keyboard with Willow layout by Hanachi. Posted by ykkap.


Pete Johanson's revxlp is a variant of the Reviung41 keyboard, but low profile, and supports controllers with the XIAO footprint.


Sadek Baroudi's Arachnophobe is a 30-key choc/mx monoblock split using any Seeed XIAO controller.

Arisutea variants

The Arisutea is a set of Alice-like layouts open-sourced by mattjames03.