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FDM-printable Chicago Steno

Pseudoku's Chicago Steno keycaps optimized for FDM-printing by u/levpopov.
Published April 4, 2022
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When levpopov wanted to use CS caps for one of his flat keyboard projects (unpublished), he spent a bit of time tuning it for FDM printing.

These high-res caps generated using pseudoku's are mostly stock, with the exception of a new extra tall convex cap variant which can be handy for corner keys (Y,N,T,B) - the elevation makes these much easier to reach without hitting adjacent keys.

Grab Lev's STLs with print instructions here:

Compared to the author's LPX keycaps, Chicago steno provides a similar feeling but with a different footprint.

CS is great for flat Choc-spaced boards like Ferris Sweep where key spacing is driven by the switch footprint.

For 3D keywells (like dactyls) you want a minimal footprint to allow for aggressive curvatures, which is why I made LPX – levpopov.

You can think of LPX as Chicago Steno designed for 3D keywells.

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Published on Mon 4th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #72 (source).

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