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Fusion is u/steven4012's foldable travel board – with all the source files.
Published April 4, 2022

Beside his Fissure v3.2, fellow Redditor steven4012 has been daily driving the Fusion – another fully BLE board with an embedded steno engine.

Fusion is basically a small, foldable, compact steno-capable board for on the go. It has magnets on the end of the board to keep it closed, and also Hall effect sensors to shut off the power (a SOT23 package right of the top hinge).

This travel board, meant to be folded via 3D-printed hinges for easy packing for traveling/going to classes, uses minimum spacing with Choc mini (PG1232) switches and also a Cirque touchpad we've seen on various Chunky iterations of tenstaana.

The pouch to hold it is shown on the side:

Pic: Fissure (t), Fusion (b) and the pouch (l).

Fissure (t), Fusion (b) and the pouch (l).

The full thickness when closed (bumpon head to bumpon head) is 23mm (so probably even thinner than some MX boards).

I basically put this in my (fairly large) pocket for going to class, or just use it with my phone when I have a desk to use – {u/steven4012}.

  • Switches: Choc mini (pg1232) with 15g choc springs, trimmed on pinky and thumb keys
  • Spacing: choc mini minimum spacing (13.5x18mm, lower on some columns)
  • Keycaps: SQDG with SLS nylon (on craftcloud) and 2 resin (possibly) DCJS
  • Controller: nRF52840 with the holyiot 18010 module
  • Display: SHARP memory display 144x168
  • Trackpad: 23mm Cirque trackpad.

According to Steven, he doesn't actually use the trackpad often "cuz I'm a mouse user still".

And the caps are supposed to have a flat top so that the pressure when closed is eased.

Github repo:

Published on Mon 4th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #72 (source).

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