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HandiPi is a handheld RPI4 based computer with 36 keys and display – designed by brickbots.
Published August 25, 2022
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Richard Sutherland aka brickbots published his HandiPi, a handheld device with keyboard and display – a fully functional Linux computer.

Being a prolific maker, several of his previous projects have been featured here on, e.g. the Framedeck or SlabV, some of them more on the cyberdeckish side, like the HandiPi.


  • A Raspberry Pi 4
  • Custom 36-key keyboard with 5-way button based around an Atmega328
  • 4.3" DSI touchscreen display
  • PiSugar power controller with 5000mah battery

It runs for about 4 hours with general terminal use and is pretty useful on it's own, but you can hook up external monitors and other USB peripherals if you need more screen or typing space – brickbots.

More photos, files, BOM, documentation in this GitHub repo:

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Published on Thu 25th Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #92 (source).


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