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Key-Flex keyboards

Key-Flex is a family of keyboards with a unique structure and sensor mechanism.
Published August 12, 2021
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Seth Garlock, inventor and architect by training, has launched this kickstarter project with a few models like a split and a classic monoblock version, as well as a numpad.

This project is my attempt to fundamentally change computer interfaces, using unique devices with flexible keys and embedded sensors – Seth Garlock.

To be honest, the inner working mechanism is not yet clear to me, however, the author refers to the original Mouse and Keyset as inspiration, designed by Douglas Engelbart with others, for use with computer systems in the 1960s.

Douglas Engelbart introducing his setup with a similar chording keyboard in the Mother of All Demos (1968):

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Published on Thu 12th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).


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