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Michael Gunawan's kibod-01 is a Corne-ish split keyboard with a slight splay and ribbon cable.
Published January 30, 2022
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Removed 4 more keys from my daily driver. First pcb i designed. (Turns out to be a corne with angled columns) – Michael Gunawan.

This keyboard was inspired by Slepet that has more stagger in some columns and only three thumb cluster keys instead of five.

The open-source PCB comes in two versions: the default one uses one Pro Micro with Amphenol 10 cable and the mirrored PCB supports two Pro Micros with TRRS or one Pro Micro with Amphenol 10 cable.

GitHub repo:

[...]forgot to explain: Using amphenol or lan cable makes it so that every row and column between 2 halves are connected, this makes the controller detect it as 1 whole keeb.
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Published on Sun 30th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #63 (source).



OK35 is a split ortholinear keyboard designed by u/Y2ff – with exposed through-hole diodes arranged nicely at the top.

Unibody Ximi

Sadek Baroudi turned the Ximi into a unibody split by designing a new tented case.


Despite its appearance, the Schrodinger by SouthPawEngineer is logically a monoblock keyboard: sporting a single XIAO.


Robert Walker's Eskarp is a handwired split keyboard with TPS65 touchpad.


Pi5 is a monoblock angled ortho keyboard open sourced by ihihbs.

Parergon V2

David Barr's Parergon has only 32 keys, so no diodes are necessary.