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Klavyl is a handwired split keyboard by u/thebgfan, generated by Klavgen, the author's other project.
Published April 1, 2022

As a personal modification of the Redox keyboard, Klavyl is a Klavgen-based, handwired, hotswappable split keyboard with 7x4 keys plus three thumb keys per half.

It's columnarly staggered, 3D-printed, and comes with a palm rest.

Github repo:

Highly composable: small changes to the layout only require printing a top plate since the switch holders can be moved and the wrapped wires can be unwrapped to allow keys to be spaced further apart.

The author's Klavgen tool helps to parametrically generate the STLs, including the case, plate and switch holders.

These switch holders make positioning the diodes and hotswap sockets easier, and the row and column wires are wrapped around them too:


Published on Fri 1st Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #72 (source).

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