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Lyra and SuperLyra

The Lyra and SuperLyra, a split and a pseudosplit with numpad in the center, are two open-source designs by Malevolti.

(Prototype build and photo by Faehriss.)

The Lyra is a print at home 70 key split ortho keyboard inspired by the Corne, Lily58 & Sofle. For people who hate layers.

This repo is currently a mess but thank you for stopping by – Malevolti.

And its big brother, the SuperLyra, a monoblock split with a numpad put between the halves:

Published on Sun 31st Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #50 (source).



Keyberon, a handwired unibody with parametric case by TeXitoi rediscovered.



This Tightyl build by moltarpdx is based on Okke's design (git, STL).