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Dani Klein open sourced her Serendipity, a 60-key board with a pretty crazy layout.
Published February 19, 2024
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The Serendipity is a 60%-ish keyboard when it comes to the number of keys. Otherwise described as "40% functionality without sacrificing aesthetics".

Originally a collaboration between Dani Klein (dededecline) and Olivia J (ojthetiny), the project's files are now open source after a "friends and family round":

The FnF run for Serendipity, while a success, took a lot of energy out of me. Instead of holding onto the design until I feel ready to run it publicly, I decided to open source the design so anyone can run it! – dededecline.

WK and WKL variants, split spacebar option, function row but no numbers.


  • Typing Angle: 6.5°
  • Front Height: 18.563mm
  • EKH: 22.14mm
  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum for top case, bottom case, and badge. 6063 aluminum and 304 stainless steel for weight
  • Top Case Variants: WK, WKL
  • Mount: Burger o-ring top mount
  • PCB: QMK/VIAL supported USB-C PCB, MX and Alps support. Hotswap and soldered variants.
  • Badges: DDD logo, blank, and F13
  • Additional Features: Cherry lip, Geonworks 60% feet, "seamless and screwless" design
  • Weight: approximately 1.67kg built (with stainless steel weight)


Serendipity is designed to maximize visual appeal. The sloping side and back profile is perfect for two-tone coloration. The badge and weight are highly customizable. The layout and case design take cues from the best aspects of modern keyboards.



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Published on Mon 19th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #156 (source).


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