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Snowflake keyboard

The Snowflake is aa tightly spaced keyboard by kbranch38.

This weird keyboard uses 17x16 mm key spacing instead of the standard 19x19 (inspired by this post).

I'm a guy with pretty normal sized hands, but I've always felt like even some of the alpha keys are just a little bit more of a stretch than I'd like - the tight spacing takes care of that without feeling cramped at all.

Git repo:

Published on Sat 19th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).



Sepia by panichardware. Low profile split ergonomic keyboard created with Ergogen.


Lunakey project

The [x|Lunakey project] includes two open-source split keyboards and a macropad published by Yoichiro Tanaka.


A lucky postal worker

A lucky postal worker in an episode of How It’s Made. Spotted by Gorbitron1530.


Zaphod: 34-key unibody split

The Zaphod is a 34-key, wireless, low profile unibody split by petejohanson.



The SilverBullet44 is a split keyboard with tented aluminum case by swan_match (details, review).