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Steam Deck dock

A Crkbd laptop dock by a8ksh4 designed for his Steam Deck.
Published February 16, 2024
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Fellow redditor a8ksh4 shared the files of a 3D printed dock for a Crkbd keyboard and a Steam Deck, resulting in something similar to a lovely clamshell laptop.

No need to bring a laptop when you're going to have your Steam Deck with you anyway! The deck snaps into the top half of the case and the hub works for power, keyboard and and external mouse if needed. It's top heavy, but the kickstands on the back work great to keep it steady – a8ksh4.

The keyboard tray can be printed without supports. Using extra top and bottom layers and increased infill might make it feel more rigid.


Check out the project on thingiverse for the parts list with links.

About the design process:

Valve Co published a 3d model of the Steam Deck really early when it was released. I imported this into OnShape to get the shape of the SD. The keyboard tray follows the shape of the SD, aside from the hinges and corners sticking out at the back, and the snap-in top of the dock is very form-fitting – a8ksh4.


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Published on Fri 16th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #155 (source).


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