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The UT22 is a gorgeous 22-key unibody split for the Artsey/Taipo input systems – created by Bubbleology_3DP.
Published June 5, 2023
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The UT22, a 22-key columnar staggered board by Bubbleology was designed to be used with either the Artsey or Taipo layouts. It's essentially a left and right handed artsey/taipo board in a single body with extra thumb and pinky keys.

The traditional Artsey layout uses 8 keys and the Taipo layout 10 keys. Wanting more flexiblity and added practicality for my use case I added an extra pinky key to map frequently used mods or layers – Bubbleology.

Since the Artsey is a one-handed input method (and Taipo can be used on-handed as well), the UT22's keymap is mirrored meaning you can type any characters or symbols with either your left or right hand.

I've written about the Artsey here, however I wasn't aware of Taipo. For those not familiar with either of these layouts, they makes use of combos to output additional characters allowing you to write all letters, numbers and symbols with just 8 and 10 keys respectively.


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Published on Mon 5th Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #124 (source).


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