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Värdera keycaps

Värdera is a low-profile Choc-compatible keycap – STLs shared by braindefender.
Published October 9, 2022
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Nikita Shirokov aka braindefender shared his custom Värdera keycaps.

The Värdera caps are custom designed low-profile keycaps for Kailh Choc switches – but with MX spacing! They are uniform and more on the spherical side, although not entirely spherical.

And there is a special rounded thumb keycap "for better ergonomics and ease of use".

The printer is an SLA Elegoo Mars 2 PRO. No post-processing was done on these keycaps, just plain print. The surface is a bit rough and layered, but you can feel it only with your nails – braindefender.

After looking it up, "Värdera" means: to value, appreciate, assess, evaluate in Swedish.

At first sight the profile is similar to LDSA keycaps (if you like these, you can also check out Lev Popov's Chicago steno version as well as Pseudoku's original CS).

In the latest update various homing keys have been added:



More photos and files:

Rectangular version for Choc spacing will come next week.

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Published on Sun 9th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #99 (source).


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