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Wireless 2.4Ghz receiver for Bluetooth modules

Wireless 2.4Ghz receiver for nRF BT 4.0/ BLE 5.0 modules by Tweetydabirdie. Turns any nRF Bluetooth keyboard (nice!nano etc.) into a non-Bluetooth QMK keyboard.

Turn a ProMicro and a low cost nRF module into a wireless receiver for your split keyboard using nice!nano etc., and cut latency and connection hassles.

It requires custom firmware on your nice!nano or similar, replacing ZMK, but once programmed, you update key maps etc. using QMK on the USB connected ProMicro receiver.

Basically, the nice!nano replicates what a split keyboard slave would do over TRRS, but over the wireless link.

Published on Fri 14th May 2021. Featured in KBD #26 (source).


Pierce keyboard

Pierce by crahamson is a semi-wireless open source keyboard.


TB42: low profile wireless 40%

The Tiny Blue 42 (TB42) is a low-profile, Bluetooth, 40% mechanical keyboard by FauxLearningMachine running ZMK.

The Midge

This is what was left after jamesmnw kept cutting things away.