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Wireless solar board

A wireless keyboard that never has to be plugged in. Committed by SouthPawEngineer.
Published September 2, 2021

We've seen various solar keyboards before (ErgoBlue) even from SouthPawEngineer himself (Solortho, Solergo, Go for launch), but those weren't able to keep a keyboard charged and the tiny solar cells were added only to lengthen battery life.

But now...

I was able to build my latest semi-practical gizmo, a wireless keyboard that never needs to be plugged in. It's not Bluetooth - I wouldn't be able to get the power consumption low enough (I tried). By combining the ultra-low power abilities of a lower-level 2.4ghz wireless protocol and photovoltaic energy harvesting capabilities, this particular keyboard shouldn't ever need to be plugged in. Even in a cave the 500mAh battery should last 10-12 months – SouthPawEngineer.

It does require a USB receiver but it is QMK programmable.

The board features hot-swap Kailh sockets with Kailh Choc Brown switches and MBK keycaps. The 5 way switch in the center can be used with your thumb and it allows you to press it up, down, left, right, or in - and you can assign different functions to each direction as you normally would within QMK.

Published on Thu 2nd Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).

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