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Easonstons shared Apodiformbird, a 18-key minimalist monoblock split inspired by the Hummingbird.
Published July 10, 2023
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Apodiformbird is a 18-key unibody split by NoCup2303 aka Easontons/eatons. It was inspired by the Hummingbird and Ben Vallack's designs.


  • 18 low-profile keys
  • soldered (no hotswap sockets)
  • 2 encoders
  • Waveshare RP2040-Zero controller
  • KMK firmware


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Published on Mon 10th Jul 2023. Featured in KBD #127.



The Dormouse is a 3D printed, handwired 40% by dapperrogue (gallery & git).

The Uni - an ortho steno board

The Uni by petercpork is a sleek, unibody split ortholinear for stenography.

Split typewriter

Rheinmetall Portable Ergonomic Typewriter from ~1935. Posted by hardboiledbabylon (r/mk).

Unsplit Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up! turned into a monoblock by u/ak66666 – with one more level.

chocV - 36-key low-pro board

The chocV by brickbots is the 36-key low profile love child of the Horizon and BabyV keyboards.

First Hummingbird of the season

A wireless Hummingbird by u/filibustercrankcase sporting a Seeeduino Xiao BLE controller.