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Yamada Willow

Daraku-Neko's Yamada Willow is a monoblock split with the Willow layout and an ambidextrous numpad.
Published April 10, 2022

@daraku_neko brought together Hanachi's Willow layout and the ambidextrous numpad of Cerbekos' Tenalice Ambidextrous.

Hanachi's Willow layout, recently featured on his Ergotonic F-24, tries to project the finger positions of a "tented hand" onto a flat surface – resulting in characteristically curved columns. Here is Hanachi's original write-up on the concept.


And the ambidextrous numpad by Cerbekos could be seen on the Tenalice Ambidextrous. This numpad is positioned symmetrically in the center, in 45°, so you can reach it with the same effort regardless of your dominant hand.

Now, thanks to Daraku-Neko, you can have the best of both worlds.

Like many Japanese designs, the Yamada Willow is closed-source and is available as a kit at

Published on Sun 10th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73.

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