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A reversible split PCB by Dmitry Belousov: Dedekind.
Published May 30, 2024
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Dmitry Belousov aka ProgressiveNoise shared a split keyboard PCB and case, inspired by the Cantor.

This keyboard is compact, reliable, and relatively easy to build. It is diodeless, the protection circuit is optional. Only the TH USB-C connector could be an annoyance for an inexperienced builder, but that’s it. Everything else should be smooth – Dmitry.


  • 42 keys (3x6+3)
  • MX, hotswap
  • diodeless
  • USB-C for interconnection
  • Pico footprint (RP2040)
  • KMK
  • case


Github repo with reversible PCB, case, permissive license ("fully 'aliexpressable'"):

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Published on Thu 30th May 2024. Featured in KBD #166 (source).



Lörtsy is a monoblock split Atreus-derivative by Cedutus.


The UniChunky by u/tenstaana is basically two Chunkys fused together.

Egg58 v2

Travis Mick published his low-pro split egg58 – along the lines of the Ergodox/Sofle/Moonlander.


The UT22 is a gorgeous 22-key unibody split for the Artsey/Taipo input systems – created by Bubbleology_3DP.

Split Fire

Ahmad Anshori shared Split Fire, a single-MCU handwired split keyboard with VGA connectors and joystick.


Alexandre Plateau shared his Arkenswoop, a Lord of the Rings themed revision of the Swoop – and much more!