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Keeblurk set

A laser etched custom low-profile MCC set: Keeblurk by u/keeblurk.
Published June 26, 2022

Fellow redditor keeblurk posted his DIY keycap set – MoErgo's POM MCC caps with laser etched custom legends.

My roommate has a laser. [...] So I embarked on a journey to create my own [custom keycaps] with roomie's laser. Many hours and a few (melty) tests later, and I've discovered a method to make fairly high-quality keycaps using synthetic dyes and POM keys from MoErgo (they take to the laser real nice) – keeblurk.

What you see in the photo above is the current incarnation of what the author calls the Keeblurk set.

I know, it's not everyone's cuppa. I have an aesthetic stuck in the 70s, I guess. Try to ignore the wild hippie font and retro styling for a moment.

Indeed, the main point is that you can have pretty quality prints on POM keycaps "that won't lose color or wear down any time soon".


This method seems to work fine on POM caps like MCC (and the upcoming MBK POM) but not on ABS ones: "ABS does NOT like Co2 lasers".

Notes on these keycaps: they have all stepped top surface because to get through the dyed layer of plastic keeblurk had to cut to a certain depth. "This could be a bonus to you or annoying but it kinda is what it is".

In order to justify purchasing his own laser, keeblurk asks for some feedback on whether there's any interest. Check out the original post on r/mk with more photos.

Published on Sun 26th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #84 (source).

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