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LHM Morph

LifeHackerMax published all the files necessary to build his LHM Morph modular platform.
Published December 5, 2022

LifeHackerMax came out with a new 32-key split design: the LHM Morph is more than a keyboard, it's a modular platform that allows you to choose the best setup for your keys based on your hands' anatomy.

Six months ago, in the video on his previous LHM keyboard, Max said this: "building keyboards can be highly addictive". It turns out he was right. :D


This flexible platform allows you to test different layouts and button positions that will eventually enable you to build the best keyboard for your fingers.

According to Max, it's a huge improvement compared to the original 26-key split LHM keyboard because it allows him to fine-tune anything he wants.

Interesting thing – after adjusting the keyboard based on what feels good to me, I noticed that the right side keys are positioned slightly differently then the ones from the left side. This platform allowed me to do this – Max.

Some adjustable parameters are: tenting angle, slide each key module individually back and forth depending on the finger length, tilt each module or rotate it based on the geometry of your hand. The wrist rests can be tilted as well, and they act as a box for fitting the electronics and wiring inside (similarly to the mammoth by @illness072).


That said, it's interesting to compare these features to the results of Pete Lyons's Squeezebox scorecard.

The author used copper wire to connect the pieces together thus creating a hinge-like binding between moving parts.

The 2-key modules are mounted onto the sliders with 4mm nuts and bolts.

Inside the wrist rest there is an ESP32 T18 TTGO residing with a built-in battery system.


Published on Mon 5th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #106.

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