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Low-pro encoder knob

_GEIST_ published his KLOTZ knob for low-profile rotary encoders.
Published July 8, 2022
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The KLOTZ knob is compatible with hollow-shaft EC12 rotary encoders, but obviously intended to be used with the low-profile variant like this one at mkultra (shameless referral link).

This is the EC12 encoder knob for the KLOTZ. You should be able to print it in FDM, but for best results consider to print it in SLA – _GEIST_.

According to the product description, the genuine Alps low profile incremental encoder "stands only 8.5mm tall". The datasheet says this is the actuator length, but _GEIST_ measured it and says that "the total height of 8.5mm seems pretty right to me".

The one used by him (and the MKUltra knob) has a 3-4mm protruding stem, 12 detents and pulses, no push switch and fits in the same footprint as the EC11 rotary encoders.

You can see the knob in action on the KLOTZ keyboard here.

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Published on Fri 8th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #86.



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