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Kiencovn shared the files of his matmat35, a cute handwired keyboard with a QAZ/HHKB layout.
Published June 20, 2023
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This little cutie is matmat35, a handwired keyboard design by kiencovn aka kienkhuat, combining the QAZ 11u and HHKB layouts.

The acrylic bottom piece, which helps to show off the handwiring, was inspired by Dieter Rams's Braun Phonosuper SK 4 "Snow White's Coffin", designed in the 1950s.

The STL files for 3d printing are included in the repo, just like the controller mount (it was designed for a Pro Micro controller with USB type-C connector, which has a slightly longer PCB than traditional one with micro usb).


The flower pattern used for laser carving on the bottom part is depicting a Rangoon creeper, one of the author's favorites.


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Published on Tue 20th Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #125.



Kazik is a cute 30% keyboard by monokēēbs – with versatile PCB, XIAO RP2040, and Japanese duplex matrix!


Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by u/dj_edit.


Ottimo's Alphalpha built by u/wayduh.


Ottimo's Salisbury is a nice 35% keyboard with symmetric layout. Built by wayduh.

µ10 keyboard

The µ10 or Micro10 by u/dj_edit is a small 28-key keyboard with a big spacebar.

32-key buckling spring keyboard

This 32-key IBM/QAZ buckling spring keyboard was committed by u/Pocketfullofbugs.