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Melgeek Pixel

Melgeek came out with Pixel, a LEGO-compatible keyboard.
Published August 23, 2022
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We've seen many similar projects with LEGO blocks involved, but probably not from a renowned vendor offering it as a prebuilt keyboard.

After various LEGO lubing stations (#2), LEGO-mount PCB, LEGO cases for keyboards or converted electric typewriters, and of course the LEGO typewriter itself, here is Pixel by Melgeek.

It's a hotswap, gasket mount board with RGB lights, and both wired and wireless modes.

From the Melgeek product page:

Get the best keyboard customization experience. The main concept of Pixel is to have a beautiful and fun keyboard with endless customization possibilities.

The key characteristics of this keyboard model is that both the two-part keycaps and the relatively spacious surface area of the case, and the bottom as well, are LEGO compatible.

According to the manufacturer, the main advantage of the Pixel keyboard is that "you can create any pattern and three-dimensional shape through the bumps around of the keyboard".

Pic: Pixel keyboard keycap structure

Pixel keyboard keycap structure

That means, while the Pixel keyboard is available in three colors, you can customize your board using any LEGO bricks and compatible building blocks.

For the record: It sold out in like 6 minutes.

More info and waiting list:

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Published on Tue 23rd Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #92 (source).


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