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Re-gret keyboard

The Re-gret is a 34-key remix of the Egret keyboard – both unibody splits designed by Ryan Schenk.
Published June 30, 2024
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Ryan Schenk aka rschenk/actionbust released his Re-gret keyboard, a cool monoblock split with some splay – based on the Egret by Ryan.

Certainly a more re-fined re-mix that I have no re-grets about making – Ryan.

Compared to the original Egret, besides having two thumb buttons per side, the Re-gret has a larger angle between the halves, and the ring and pinky fingers have more stagger and more splay. It also has a Xiao MCU which is "cheaper and cuter" than a nice!nano.


  • 34 keys (5x3+2 per half)
  • Seeed Xiao BLE or RP2040 controller (wireless or wired)
  • Choc V1, Choc spacing, hotswap
  • RGB underglow when plugged in
  • QMK and ZMK firmware
  • Thin silicone gasket sandwich case



Fully open source: ergogen config, PCB Gerbers, and laser cutting files for the case.

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Published on Sun 30th Jun 2024. Featured in KBD #168.



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