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Roost keyboard

Tweaking the Sweep v2.1, forrestbaer came up with the wireless Roost keyboard.
Published December 17, 2021
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Based off the Sweep v2.1, added 2mm or so horizontal space, added another set of keys and slots for a fat power switch. Moved battery connectors to the board, moved reset switch so it's easier to get to without being in the way. Larger holes are for mounting these: Mouser part: 575-7305015154727100 for pluggable switches – forrestbaer.

Github repo:

Low profile keycaps used: WRK Blind by Work Louder.

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Published on Fri 17th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #57 (source).


Lets Split case

Lets unite? A 3D printed monoblock case for the Lets Split by altapowderdog.


The NewType-36 by Protieusz is a derivative of the nowt36 – with trackball.


Suika's Cisne is a cool 40% monoblock with 5% tenting.


Ben Cooper's first split design: the corneoid askew-kbd with some splay.


A 20-key minimal split: Pepesweep by Volodymyr Petiushka. Low profile, wireless, open source.

Lev's trackpad keywell board

A little bit of Dactyl, a little bit of Corne, and a *lot* of trackpad space: a unibody split prototype by u/levpopov.