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Skateboard keyboard

A wooden keyboard case made out of old skateboard decks – by u/ansedehenle.
Published September 6, 2022
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If you, like me, were into custom guitars before falling into the custom keyboard rabbit hole, this approach may be familiar: old skateboards sliced up and glued together to help them come back to life in a new form.

I’ve never seen a case of this sort so I decided to make one from my old skateboard decks. Super satisfied with the final product! – ansedehenle.

Four decks were used in total since ansedehenle only used the wood from the middle section.


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Published on Tue 6th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #94 (source).


Ki board

Another wooden board, this time with a surprising layout: groyer418's Ki board.

PCB 68 keyboard

A bluetooth PCB via SuperMini in a wooden case: PCB 68 keyboard by alan0ford.

Walnut board

This handwired walnut keyboard by u/gregschlom was CNCed from a single piece of wood which acts as the case, plate and cable guide as well.

Wooden Alps keyboard

A wooden keyboard by u/the5andmany with Alps switches and hand-filed switch plate.

Laser cut custom keycaps

Laser cut custom wooden keycaps by jere344.

Wooden monoblock split

This wooden monoblock split by Libano23 features a pseudo-PCB (photolog).