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A 30-key Hummingbird variant: Tern by Ryan Schenk.
Published July 21, 2023
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Terns are small white seabirds that can hover, but it's also a 30-key keyboard! Ryan Schenk aka @crankin/rschenk has published the files of his Tern, based on the Hummingbird.

I much prefer reachy thumbs vs tucky thumbs. Years of wiping out on skateboards means my right thumb doesn’t really make that tucking motion anymore – rschenk.


Differences from the Hummingbird:
  • Hotswap sockets
  • CFX spacing (tighter than normal Choc spacing)
  • Pinky keys are dropped down
  • Thumbs are more reachy

All the necessary files are available in the repo: Laser cutting files for a case, switch plate (1/16" acrylic), 0.6mm silicone gasket sitting between it and the PCB. There is even a file for cutting a sheet of self-adhesive foam for the back which in the author's opinion really helps to dampen the sound. Ryan used 1 mm sticky backed EVA for this purpose.



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Published on Fri 21st Jul 2023. Featured in KBD #128 (source).


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