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3D printed Alice style

This 3D printed Alice style keyboard by ymmaz is handwired with duplex matrix.

If ymmaz would have known of the little Pro Micro hack to utilize two extra pins, the wiring could have been done much easier, but the duplex matrix gives this project a unique touch.

The case is 3D printed and the files used here were originally open sourced by ramonimbao and are available here: "fAuxLICE".

Published on Sat 29th May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


Red Herring

The Red Herring by dj_edit is a split ergo 75% board similar to an Alice, but with columnar staggering.


Sesame by kb-elmo

A Sesame designed by _vastrox_/elmo and built by kmrnewworkplace.