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Ming-Gih Lam published the ArtPad, a double-purpose macropad and artisan tray in one.
Published April 22, 2023
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Ming-Gih Lam aka dcpedit/dj_edit shared his ArtPad design, an artisan tray that also functions as a macro pad.

I'm not into artisans so wasn't aware that the sets of seemingly distant low-pro, artisan and even ortho niches have an intersection, but there are two PCBs in this repository: a Choc hotswap version, and another one for Choc Mini switches.

My original design uses Choc hotswap sockets which offers the most versatility since Choc switches come in a variety of flavors. I later decided to design a slimmer version that uses Choc Mini switches, but limits you to only 3 types of switches (linear, tactile, and clicky) and is not hotswappable – dcpedit.

Both PCBs feature per-key RGB, an OLED display, and an optional rotary encoder, resulting in one of the fanciest macropads I've ever witnessed.


  • 15-16 keys
  • hotswap Choc or soldered Choc mini switches
  • Elite-C
  • per-key LED
  • OLED display
  • optional rotary encoder



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Published on Sat 22nd Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #120 (source).


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