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Lion Head macropad

Kamakura-gū Lion Head macropad by hide-key sporting a XIAO RP2040 controller and encoders.
Published January 6, 2023

I spotted this creative macropad in Hideki Nakamura's (aka hide-key) github last week when sniffing around for his sunflower macropad and Christmas ornament PCB files. It wasn't published at that time but build guides have been added to the repo in the meantime both in Japanese and English so here it is.

As of my understanding, the lion head motif is one of the traditional amulets offered in the Kamakura-gu shrine against evil.

I thought that the nose part of the lion's head of the amulet looks like a keycap, so I improvised a keypad (?). In addition to the three keys, I made it possible to turn the ear part with a rotary encoder. Please don't ask what is it used for ;P – hide-key.



Published on Fri 6th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #110 (source).

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