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Humla laptop adapter

A laptop adapter plate for the Wee Humla by u/Lenbok.
Published January 28, 2023

Fellow redditor Lenbok published a 3D-printed bottom plate/case to lock a Humla in place:

Just whipped up a bumper case this weekend with a bottom that is customized for my laptop to let it sit in place over the existing keyboard without activating any of the buttons and keeping it essentially locked in place – Lenbok.


As commenters pointed out, many laptops use the keyboard for heat exhaust, so make sure it doesn't overheat while you're using such a setup.


STLs and the OpenSCAD code are available in the author's github repo.

Essentially all you need to do to adapt for a different laptop is to create a KLE layout for the laptop and suck that json in as described in the README in my repo) – Lenbok.

Published on Sat 28th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #112 (source).

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Ploopy Mini open-sourced

The Ploopy Mini Trackball by crop_octagon is now completely open-source. All design files are available, and it runs QMK.

Lily58 case

A fully enclosed Lily58 case. STLs published by u/hainguyenac.


The Tether is a 3D printed case that allows you to choose between split or unibody and change on the fly. Shared by u/brother_bean.

Crocodox Mk.II

The 44 keys Crocodox by ak66666 comes with STL files.

Peanut Matcha Jade

A 5x6 Dactyl Manuform variation by Mike Pisman – with 5 thumb keys and smooth edges.


Takeshi Nishio's Sandy is a multi-PCB approach to mimic a keywell on his Jones keyboard.