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A split keyboard with 36-42 keys, RP2040 support, haptic feedback, etc.: KLOR by u/_GEIST_.
Published July 6, 2022
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KLOR is a feature-rich 36-42 keys column-staggered split keyboard designed by _GEIST_. It supports a per-key RGB matrix, encoders, OLED displays, haptic feedback, speakers, a Pixart Paw3204 trackball, the SplitKB tenting puck and four different layouts via brake-off parts.

The KLOR is my first keyboard design, a 36-42 keys column-staggered split keyboard – _GEIST_.

It can use AVR Pro Micros and RP2040 Pro Micros alike.

In addition, there are two cases in the repo: a stacked acrylic one and another case for 3D printing.


  • per-key RGB matrix
  • encoders
  • (kind of hidden) OLED displays
  • haptic feedback
  • speakers
  • Pixart Paw3204 trackball
  • four different layouts, through break-off parts
  • SplitKB tenting puck support.


GitHub repo:

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Published on Wed 6th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #86 (source).



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