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Kada Spectrum

A 65% keyboard case inspired by the ZX Spectrum: Kada Spectrum by Emil.
Published March 25, 2024
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Emil aka baokaola shared a 3D printed 65% case: the Kada Spectrum is build around a Tofu65 PCB, and uses gasket mounting with self-adhesive poron foam gaskets.

This is the author's third 3D printed keyboard build, and the design in inspired by the legendary ZX Spectrum:

I was too young and in the wrong place to ever own one but I really enjoy everything retro-computing related and have a particularly soft spot for rainbow designs of the era – Emil.

The the top of the case was printed in four separate parts - the left part, the two rainbow parts and the right part. The rainbow parts are printed in one go but with manual filament swaps for the different colors. This is then attached together using printed dowels going all the way through the rainbow part. The fit is so tight that it doesn't need any glue whatsoever. The other parts mostly fit together with screws going into heat-set inserts.



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Published on Mon 25th Mar 2024. Featured in KBD #159 (source).

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