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Pi5 case with cover

The angled ortho Pi5 keyboard by ihihbs has no a MCU cover and a case.
Published March 1, 2023
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Luke Schutt aka ihihbs has updated the repo of his Pi5, a unibody split 38-key keyboard featured in KBD#104, adding a 3D-printed case and an MCU cover.

From the original post I liked the idea of adding a cover, so I've designed that and a case too – ihihbs.


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Published on Wed 1st Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #115 (source).


Noname ortho with X switches

This wireless split ortho keyboard by tdilshod supports X switches as well.

Sha keyboard

Sha is a 50-key ortholinear keyboard with LED matrix – designed by skarrmann.

Phaethon prototype

Phaethon is a through-hole keyboard with a solar panel – designed by u/mrninhvn.


Froggr is the next board in weteor's Orthocade family: a 12u ortholinear keyboard with 48 keys and offset bottom row.


Pi5 is a monoblock angled ortho keyboard open sourced by ihihbs.


FAW36 is a wireless ortho split by u/gpem, using XIAO BLE controllers.