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Kapl is a 70-key column-staggered split keyboard open-sourced by keyzog_.
Published May 3, 2023
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Keyzog shared this 70-key column-staggered split keyboard christened the Kapl.

When designing it, I was inspired by the Lily58 and Sofle keyboards. I wanted to create a keyboard that is both gaming friendly and easy to learn when moving from a standard keyboard – keyzog.

For these purposes, it was important to leave the modifier buttons (Ctrl, Win, Alt, Command, etc.) in standard positions and also to add some buttons to the 7th column.


  • 7x5 layout (a column with buttons above the thumb cluster)
  • MX, soldered (no hotswap option)
  • reversible PCB
  • controller moved to back side of the PCB (inspired by Jian)
  • backlight, active layer indicator, layer indicator position control


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Published on Wed 3rd May 2023. Featured in KBD #121 (source).



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