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Remnant is a 58-key split, concave 3D keyboard announced by ergohaven's atlantesque. Hotswap, per key RGB, and prebuilt.
Published November 11, 2022

As teased in the interview in early October (codename: Endgame), ergohaven's Evgeny announced the Remnant, a more streamlined Dactyl-like 3D board with lower overall profile.

The keyboard is available as pre-built, but the source has been shared as well.

Hey, everyone, we are thrilled to introduce our new flagman keyboard Remnant. Uncompromising, unprecedented – atlantesque.


  • 58 keys total
  • Curved, 3D design based on the Dactyl Manuform, but "a lot more slim and low profile"
  • flexible PCB
  • hotswap sockets
  • per-key RGB
  • Pi Pico
  • QMK, Vial support

Other than that, ergohaven offers 3-year warranty and service support for their customers.


  • Cadquery stuff is here
  • Pre-built, ready to ship keyboards are available at

Published on Fri 11th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #102 (source).

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