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MM60 Ergo

MM60 Ergo by SKZBadHabit.

SKZBadHabit made a stand for his aviator connector, but what's even better, we got a follow-up on the evolution of his lasercut keyboard, as well as some new tidbits and photos.

Original photos: here.

New ones: here.

The complete keyboard is laser cut with 3 mm MDF and it's covered by a black foil.

The display is a normal SD1306 Display, and the IBM logo is from an old server and just a stick on.

There is a trackpoint module from an old HP notebook, and it also features a RTC module (Real-Time Clock) so the correct time can be displayed.

In addition, the firmware is a custom one too (not QMK): just a simple Arduino code.

One more tip is the pin extender:

First I had the aviator connectors (20 pin) to connect both halves wire by wire but than I added a MCP23017 which is a digital pin extender for my Arduino Pro Micro and so I only need 4 pins.

Published on Fri 18th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).


Squeezebox Keyboard

Squeezebox keyboard by focusaurus. With customizable column offset and practically two home rows.


Andante: a row-staggered wireless split

Andante: a row-staggered wireless split by jmding.

Bridged Lagrange

A new update to the design of the Lagrange keyboard by dpapavas.



This Tightyl build by moltarpdx is based on Okke's design (git, STL).