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Soufflé V3 Sweep

Jesus Climent introduced his Soufflé V3 Sweep with updated physical layout.
Published April 5, 2023
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Soufflé v3 is a 58-60-key column-staggered split keyboard with encoder, OLED, palm key and nice!nano support. It is an evolution of the Soufflé V2 keyboard, with a more aggressive arrangement of the pinky columns.

According to creator Jesus Climent aka jcliment, this keyboard was originally based on the Sofle, also inspired by the Lily58, and taking ideas from the Kyria and the Ferris Sweep.

Key changes

Compared to the Soufflé V2:

  • Pinky columns lowered by ~5mm (~10mm compared to V1)
  • Middle finger column raised by ~3mm
  • Reset button moved to an internal position & the lower plate has a hole, making it accessible from the bottom of the keyboard.
  • Added battery connection points, and a power switch, for use with nice!nano.


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Published on Wed 5th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #119 (source).



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