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Protieusz made Batarang, a bat-shaped unibody split keyboard with trackpad and ISO enter.
Published May 30, 2023
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Many monoblock splits have been likened to a batarang, Batman's bat-shaped throwing weapon, but Protieusz christened his creation just that: Batarang.

After the author's previous projects (e.g. HiveMind, Vimana), this particular Batarang is a 39-key, horizontally staggered unibody split keyboard with ISO enter – bat-shaped and currently in a Joker colorway. KLE remixed by a fellow enthusiast named jade the maid. Powered by a Pimoroni PGA2040, the board sports a USB-C daughterboard, rotary encoder, and a 40mm Cirque Glidepoint trackpad in the center.

The shape design took roughly 3 months of on and off designing. Currently everything works with 2 minor DIY adjustments that are the D+ and D- traces or mixed up so had to handwire to the correct pin on the MCU, and the trackpad holder was borrowed from Dilemma open-source trackpad holder and hot glued to the PCB – Protieusz.

Dark Knight theme is coming soon using a matte black resin case with matching black (GMK Awaken) keycaps.


Rev 7 with the fixed traces has been uploaded:

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Published on Tue 30th May 2023. Featured in KBD #124.


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