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Carved case 2

A gorgeous wooden keyboard case by Breakwood with meticulously carved and gold plated solid copper insets.
Published March 31, 2022

Hey, what's going on in Vietnam?

After Thịnh Trần's hand-engraved Adelais case, here is a similarly breathtaking piece of art – with gold plated copper/brass reliefs.

This masterpiece, a 60% keyboard case, was created by Breakwood from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Four sides of the case are carved from solid copper which are 24k gold plated on the surface, protected by effect paint and nano coating.


I have friends who accept to wait for more than 2 years so that I can comfortably craft and create perfect products – Breakwooden1.

More photos:

This case was part of a group buy 2 years ago. According to Breakwook, after opening the GB, Covit broke out, "causing us to delay delivery for a long time".

Bronze details are cleverly embedded in the precious wooden box, the contrast of gold and the natural color of the wood creates the perfect highlight for this piece.

Published on Thu 31st Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #72 (source).

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