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ScottoFrog by Joe Scotto – a 20-key handwired keyboard/macropad with Bluetooth capability (nice!nano).
Published October 12, 2023
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ScottoFrog by Joe Scotto is a handwired keyboard/macropad with Bluetooth capability (nice!nano). Originally, the board was a full keyboard for single-handed use, but it can be used as gaming macropad too.

Roughly 6 months ago I was commissioned to build something similar to the discontinued Frogpad. (…) I personally don't have a use for a single-handed keyboard but the 20-key layout was perfect to convert it into a gaming macropad – Joe.

Joe 3D printed the case and keycaps with a matte filament and used the fuzzy skin setting in Cura which he thinks makes it look like concrete.


  • 20 keys
  • handwired
  • nice!nano or Pro Micro controller


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Published on Thu 12th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #139.


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