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The naked split strikes back

The naked split ortho 40% by onebigdoor is back with fully addressable rgb backlighting (gallery). Still without plate, case and PCB.

Published on Sun 14th Feb 2021. Featured in KBD #13 (source).


TA Royal Alpha 610

A TA Royal Alpha 610 typewriter turned into a keyboard in micho___'s first hand-wired project.


W60 by wlard

W60 is an open-source, 3D-printed, handwired,hotswap keyboard by wlard.



The Dormouse is a 3D printed, handwired 40% by dapperrogue (gallery & git).

Amigo Punk

The Amigo Punk is a handwired ALPS project with OLED display and encoder by Tuka-Chinchilla (photolog).